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Feature-Length Screenplay - Comedy / Drama

JACK is a 20-something neuroscientist, depressed and bored by life. He spends his days running cute mice with little metal helmets through variable-reward mazes and his nights drinking with his best friend DAVID, an artist/musician/poet/dilletante who’s most talented at the art of bullshitting. When an unexpected package from a deceased friend arrives with notebooks of bizarre short stories, it opens up a world of imagination that forces Jack to re-examine the past and finally embrace the present swept up in the restless youth of the city.

Siblings - Cover - Final_edited.jpg


TV Series - Comedy 

Siblings is an odd-couple screwball comedy set in New York about, well, siblings—an anxiety-riddled aspiring novelist KIRAN (early 30s, white) and his wild younger sister JADE (late 20s, Indian). When Jade makes a surprise visit to the city and disrupts Kiran’s quiet literary life, they discover that maybe, just maybe, they kind of like and need each other.


While the heart of the show is about their friendship, it’s also a satire on our identity-obsessed culture viewed through the New York literary scene, exploring the themes of identity, ambition, belonging, acceptance, and ultimately family. 

*Pitch deck & pilot on request



Limited TV Series - Comedy  / Drama

Northeast Kingdom is a limited series dark comedy set on a biodynamic farm/commune in rural Vermont. MICHAEL and JULIE, recently engaged and navigating relationship issues, decide to take a weekend getaway at a digital detox retreat in Vermont where they fall in love with commune life, seduced by the bizarro philosophy of charismatic EVERETT STORM. Is it a utopia? Is it a cult? Is it crazy to want this kind of life, off the grid and back to nature with all its dirt, sweat, and feral joy?

*Pitch deck & pilot on request

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